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Boho Chic - A Wedding Style

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

When it comes to wedding invitations, there are a lot of words that get thrown around to describe certain style of invitations and decor. Some of these include, elegant, rustic, shaby chic or even boho. If you are not a designer or artist these words might seem super vague or might carry a very different meaning for you than what they actually mean. Because of this, we want to discuss some different popular wedding styles and what factors go into creating this style at your own wedding.

This week let's talk about boho and what goes into creating the perfect bohemian wedding including colors, florals, decor and invitations styles.


The first step of planning your wedding (after choosing a theme) is choosing what colors you want to stick loosely to. Common colors used for bohemian style weddings include blush, orange, burgundy, gold, rust, brown, tan, taupe, deep purple and dark greens. Other colors as needed can be added in, such as navy, but should be used minimally and should mesh well with the overall color scheme.


For boho style weddings, as long as the flowers stick to the color pallete, just about any style flower can be used to create this style. However, some florals commonly used in this style include brown sun palm leaves, pampas grass, eucalyptus, amaranthus spray, and blush and orange bulb flowers.


Decor for this style wedding really depends on the bride, but some commonly used items include gold or wooden vases, woven style baskets or chairs, Turkish style rug aisle runners, macrame wall hangings, colored candles with antique gold candle holders, or colored table runners to name a few. This style can be described as eclectic in nature meaning everything doesn't necessarily have to be super 'matchy', but it must all mesh well together.


Invitations suites for boho weddings can range from a modern monochromatic suite to an invitation packed with boho style florals. It is important to have all decisions listed above made before beginning to work on invitations. Some commonly asked questions at stationary meetings include what's the color scheme and what style flowers are you using. This style invitation is normally served well by pairing the invitation suite with a matching non traditional colored envelope.

Boho weddings are super fun and eclectic and if done well give their guests a 'homey' feeling due to the warm color schemes and mismatched styled decor. It's a wedding your guests will not soon forget.

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