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Elopement- Our Story

We here at Dilly Dally are passionate about weddings, so much so that we asked our founder and owner Andi to share here elopement wedding story with us, so follow along as she tells the story of why she chose to be married on the side of a mountain with two strangers.

Trent and I met while I was still attending the University of Alabama. We funny enough met on the app 'Ok Cupid.' We dated for about 2 years in between college graduation, moving to new towns and buying our first home. He proposed on my parent's estate the day before Halloween (which happens to be my favorite holiday) with a beautiful salt and pepper diamond triangle stone set in a gold band. We immediately knew we wanted to elope since he nor I really enjoy being the center of attention so we automatically started planning.

We did as any millennials do when starting to plan an elopement and typed in 'places to elope' in a google search bar (yes, we know this isn't a very sexy part of the story). Lo and behold we stumbled upon and we just fell in love with the idea that they would plan everything for us. So once we reached out to one of their wedding planners the next task was for us to choose our destination from their available locations like Hawaii, Colorado and New York. We originally wanted to go to Hawaii, but the this location just wouldn't work in our budget so we then decided we were going to chose a location we've never been to before and from those options choose our favorite photographer out of the three locations.

We ended up deciding to get married in Boulder Colorado because we loved Austin Drawhorn's photography so much! We ended up choosing to add extras to our package such as hair and makeup and a custom bouquet complete with greenery and white peonies.

The day of the ceremony flowers, hair and makeup arrived to our door at the St. Julien hotel. We then made our way to the near by mountain park in a private car and met our officiant and photographer, husband and wife Austin and Jess Drawhorn, at the base of the mountain. When we made our way to the top (yes I walked up a mountain in heels and a wedding dress), Jess performed our ceremony and it was made complete with our own vows. The whole ceremony was not only breath taking and exactly what we had hoped for but it was 100% stress free and took a grand total of 15 minutes. We got to experience a new beautiful place that is now a place we feel like is only ours. To sum it up, we would suggest to any bride to do it! It is a experience you will not only never forget but you will also never regret.

The remainder of the week, the honeymoon, was spent with couples massages, train rides and experiencing some of the great places Colorado has to offer such as the garden of the Gods.

Upon our return we sent out cards that I made myself that included a photo of our wedding ceremony and informed all our loved ones we had eloped. The whole trip was absolutely perfect for us (even including the blizzard that rolled in mid week) and we would do it exactly the same if we had to do it all over again.

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