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Rustic Country - A Wedding Style

When it comes to wedding invitations, there are a lot of words that get thrown around to describe certain style of invitations and decor. Some of these include, elegant, rustic, shaby chic or even boho. If you are not a designer or artist these words might seem super vague or might carry a very different meaning for you than what they actually mean. Because of this, we want to discuss some different popular wedding styles and what factors go into creating this style at your own wedding.

As stated in our previous blog post Boho Chic - A Wedding Style many descriptive words get thrown around when discussing a wedding theme. It can often get confusing especially to an overwhelmed bride. This week let's talk about Rustic Country and what goes into creating the perfect rustic wedding including colors, florals, decor and invitations styles.


The first step of planning your wedding (after choosing a theme) is choosing what colors you want to stick loosely to. Common colors used for rustic style weddings include shades of blue most commonly seen in blue mason jars, tints of brown such as burlap, barrels and hay, and white most commonly seen in baby's breath. Other colors as needed can be added in, such as yellow, red and any other bold colors.


Rustic style weddings most commonly use flowers such as sunflowers,magnolias, roses, peonies, baby's breath, magnolias and hydrangeas. Bouquets normally consist of greenery, baby's breath, a white/neutral flower and one additional type of floral to add a pop of color. Most times brides choose a burlap wrap for the bottom of their bouquet to finish off the rustic style theme.


Commonly used decor for this style wedding include tin buckets, mason jars, burlap and wood accents. Most times, unlike a boho wedding, this style is served best with repetition by having multiples of the same item to decorate table tops and the ceremony aisle . Due to the light and airy type feel of the of decorations, rustic weddings normally take place in the spring or summer.


Invitations suites for rustic weddings can range from a watercolor monogram to matching florals. When it comes to rustic weddings the invitation can be as informal/formal as you like. For example, some brides choose to include a photo on their invitations to give a more informal style, while other brides choose to use a monogram to give it a more elegant and formal feel. This style invitation is normally served well by pairing the invitation suite with a heavy white envelope and a matching rsvp card.

Rustic weddings are timeless and can easily be adapted to make the day exactly what every bride dreams of. With small touches and thoughtful design guests will love your rustic wedding.

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