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Colors To Come in 2021

When it comes to weddings, they all revolve around one thing, the color scheme. Just think about it. You invitations, day of decor and florals all need to be the same colors. In the years past popular color schemes have ranged from tans and oranges to blush and dark greens. But this year, we predict a much different outcome.


Bright, Bold and Tropical

After the year we had last year, brides are ditching the soft feel of a blush and green invitation and trading up for an upbeat bold and sometimes tropical look. Hot pink, Lime green and bright reds are no longer off limits.

Mismatch of Bold Spring Colors

Think Alice in Wonderland. The crazy colored flowers that you would never expect to go together such as red, orange, purple, and blue all mashed into a super thick and shabby greenery make for a beautiful eclectic invitation.

Steele Blue and Sage Green

Now all brides aren't leaving behind the soft shades just yet, but they are trading in the much over used blush roses and peonies instead opting for steele blue (think blue hydrangeas and delphinium) and sage greens.

Boho to Retro

Vintage is back and it's here to stay! (for now at least). People are taking the much used oranges, burgundy and tans commonly seen in a boho wedding and adding back their brightness. This color scheme is what we liked to call from boho to retro.

When it comes to 2021 it seems the old color rules have gone out the door and we think its about dang time. Here's to 2021, something different and fun with a little twist.

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